A message from the Founder

Quite often I get letters and emails from gold star mothers, daughters or other family members who tell me they are so glad we started this organization for dads. They tell us how hard it has been on their husbands and their fathers and how they worry about them. For so long the fathers of soldiers have felt left out.

I know that feeling is partly because men tend to show their sorrow differently than women. AFTER ALL we are suppose to be the strong ones, the providers, the protectors. Truth is, sometimes we find it hard to provide and almost impossible to protect. Some fathers actually believe, ” if I would have protected better or done something different, maybe my son would still be alive.”

About Gold Star Dads of AmericaThat is totally wrong of course, the truth of the matter is our sons and daughters did what they thought was “the right thing to do” and nothing we were going to say would have made a difference. Each of our children made a conscious choice to protect freedom and fight evil, they committed to something greater then themselves. As a nation we owe them a great debt of gratitude, as a father I am filled with sorrow and bursting with pride at the same time. Only another Gold Star could begin to understand that.

But we all know men do cry, we do hurt, we just put a different face on it, sometimes it works, mostly it is to our detriment. Sometimes we take that as shame because deep inside we are just helpless little boys playing a dangerous game we were taught so long ago.

About Gold Star Dads of America

With those thoughts in mind I set out to create a support mechanism that would help the dads heal and at the same time benefit our returning soldiers. it has been a long 9 years with a steep learn curve, but we have been paying attention, and learning, both from our mistakes and our successes. Thanks to the women’s organizations around the United States, both Blue Star & Gold Star we are seeing what is possible when you forget your pride and politics and work together towards a common goal.

To the fantastic women that we were lucky enough to marry and raise our amazing children with; thank you for helping us raise our sons and daughters to be the fine patriotic, caring adults they are, and thank you for being there for us in our time of sorrow and weakness.

Respect & Honor
Michael Klasno

That said, now it’s time to get to work!