2014 Home Front Hero Christmas Project – Our goal is to sponsor at least 25 southern California military families, specifically the stateside spouse & children of Combat Deployed enlisted service members. In addition we have identified a few local southern California Wounded Warrior Families that we would like to help as well.

Home Front Hero Christmas

2014 Home Front Hero Christmas Project That is Gold Star Dad Michael Klasno with 5 month old Maphias Nguyen during last years Home Front Hero Christmas delivery. Maphias is the one without the mustache.

We have revised our Target to $20,000 to reflect the closing of Camp Leatherneck. As of 12 November, we have identified 10 National Guard families and 3 Wounded Warrior families. We still have room for more. NOTE: We are currently working on identify 10 Navy families deployed in the Persian Gulf. We will keep everyone informed here.

NOTE; Due to the current draw down in Afghanistan and the closing of Camp Leatherneck, we no longer have a marine unit available to us but we will continue to identify Marines in harms way right up to the last minute.

here is a link to the rest of the story

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Michael Klasno

Founder & Executive Director at Gold Star Dads of America
Michael Klasno is the proud parent of an American Hero. Michael is also the managing partner of SERP Sniper a web design and Local SEO company currently based in southern California and the co-editor of Good News & Praise a Christian outreach website.
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  1. Kari vansickle says:

    We know what its like to struggle and you guys are AMAZING!!! My husband got back from 9 months of deployment this past Wednesday afternoon and you all were there to welcome them home!!
    Thank You for all you do for every military family!!

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