Our National objective is to provide public awareness of America’s Gold Star Family Community and to celebrate and honor America’s combat veterans and their families.  Further, we endeavor to assist and support, were ever possible, other veteran projects from around the nation thus making a lasting impression in the lives of our veterans by creating a positive outlet for the Military and Civilian communities to unite in a single effort.

Gold Star Dads American Patriot MembershipOur motto “Fathers Standing United for Faith, Family & Freedom” is not just a catch phrase that looks good on a shirt or vest, it is a way of life; 

Ordinary men fortified by the strength of our Faith in God, standing together to form an unbreakable brotherhood, specifically chartered to carry on the mission of Freedom handed back to us by our brave sons & daughters.

We have been given a great honor but an even greater responsibility, one that can only be accomplished by standing tall & proud with other Patriots. If this sounds like something you have been missing in your life, come join us and experience the full impact of the remarkable legacy your children have left for you.

Are you ready to step up and be counted? To carry on your Son or Daughters Mission?

YES, I am Ready to JOIN

Maybe, but I need More Information

I am already a Member and I want to Form a Gold Star Dads Chapter in my state.

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