Gold Star Dads Prayer Team

Join the Gold Star Dads Prayer Team – Prayer Warriors Needed!

Become a Prayer Warrior for our Military

You are invited to join the Gold Star Dads Prayer Team and pray regularly for the soldiers, military families and our military Leaders. Also pray for the Veterans in VA Hospitals and yes, even living on the streets of this great nation. Lastly, pray for US.

It is our hope and prayer that God will continue to put His hedge of protection around the families of these fine Americans and continue to bless the Gold Star Dads of America organization and guide us in the direction He wants our mission to go.

Gold Star Dads Prayer Team

Just as a physical army begins each battle by raining down bombs to soften the target your prayers do exactly that in the spiritual realm. When you pray people’s hearts are opened and they are given an opportunity to not only turn to God and receive eternal salvation but they see through new eyes the things that should be and those situations they can help change.

How will we Honor them, How will they be Remembered?

It is imperative that we as a nation never forget the ultimate sacrifice made by our fighting forces and the devastating impact there death has on their families and friends.Joining the Gold Star Dads Prayer Team is a great beginning.