American Legion Riders present $500 Donation for Operation Noble Warrior


For decades American Legion posts across America  have welcomed veterans into their ranks and continued to support and promote veteran and active duty service member causes. In recent years the American Legion Riders have come on the scene and made it very clear that the well being of America’s veterans is in their blood and a big part of their overall mission.

American Legion Riders Donation Check Presentation

ALR chapter officers Carlene Warren and Moe Kwaschnefski present Gold Star Dads president Michael Klasno with $500 donation check at the American Legion post 328 in Norco, CA.

As a former Marine I am proud of my veteran status and membership in the American Legion.  It gives me great pleasure and a sense of pride to see fellow Legion members standing tall & proud at our nations veteran celebrations and memorial events. What outsiders don’t see at these events is the work that goes on behind the scenes. The tireless effort that members put forth, the volunteer hours at local VA facilities, the constant challenge of finding enough donations to fund their outreach and the countless donations made by the different American Legion posts that go totally unnoticed.

But Not Today. This weekend I was an invited guest at the American Legion Rider meeting at Norco post 328 in southern California. As a Legion member in good standing I am welcome at any post, anywhere in the United States. I say invited guest because this was a ALR meeting and I am not a motorcycle rider, YET.

The purpose of my attendance was  to personally thank the members for their recent participation in the “Let Freedom Ring” Gold Star Tribute Ride, update them on future events and to visit with old and new friends. I was informed a few day before the meeting  that the group had discussed ways they could help Gold Star Dads of America with our mission and had already voted to present Gold Star Dads of America with  a $500 Donation. The check is specifically directed for use for our Operation Noble Warrior project and I was pleased and honored to except.

This brings the Operation Noble Warrior Project total to $3500. We are still a long ways from the $15,000 projected cost for the Christmas Party at the VA Hospital and the Blue & Gold Christmas Ball for our Combat Veteran Families. But I have faith that with friends like the American Legion, American Legion Riders and America’s Patriots behind us these and many more Operation Noble Warrior projects will be a success.

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