Shepherds on Steel join Gold Star Dads to Rock Ellington Field Joint Air Base!

Double Duty at Ellington Field Joint Air Base Volunteers

Volunteers from the Shepherds on Steel and representatives from several other East Texas Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) chapters came together to help Gold Star Dads volunteer staff rock not ONE but TWO different unit events on the Joint Reserve Base. Also present were Gold Star parents; Dana & Dawn Stewart, Lewis & Susie Miller and their Granddaughter Shelby, Michael & Lynn Klasno and their Granddaughter London.

Here is how it went down;

After Opening prayer by CMA SOS President Eric Story and the obligatory photo session, we broke up the volunteers into two teams and with military escort headed into the front gate of Ellington Field Joint Air Base.

Team #1 would handle setting up the grills and getting the kitchen ready for the Change of Command. We expected about 300+ personal so we would set up two large 48” grills manned by an 8 man cook team to handle all those hamburgers and hot dogs. There was a lot of food prep work to get done so having additional kitchen volunteers was great.

The 2nd group would handle cooking the meal and assisting with the 136th ESB’s Organizational Family Day. That included helping where needed with setting up games, manning the popcorn & cotton candy machines and of course prepping all the food. We used three grills here and a 6-man CMA cook team. This was a great team filled with servant hearts and smiles everywhere.

A third group containing the Gold Star Families and representatives from the different CMA chapters were invited to attend the Change of Command Ceremony at the Apache helicopter hanger. We would witness the 1/149th ARB Change of Command Ceremony and meet the new commander Maj. Randal Wright and then disperse back to the teams to assist where needed.

She Said Yes! Ellington Field Joint Air BaseDuring outgoing commander, Lt. Col. Scott Nicholas’ remarks he excused himself from the stage, walked down to the audience and proposed to his girlfriend right there in front of the unit. What a surprise. She said Yes! The new Commander said that was the first time he had ever seen that happen.

Meanwhile a few buildings away at the 136th ESB’s Organizational Family Day, we witnessed a couple of commendations presented to well deserving soldiers, as well as  a promotion ceremony. That brings back memories for many of our veteran volunteers.

What an AWESOME day we had serving those that serve us. This was the largest, (700 soldiers and family members) single outreach mission Gold Star Dads has tackled since moving to Houston Texas in July 2015. It’s nice to finally have a large enough volunteer team in place to take on this type of missions.

We could not have pulled this off without an AWESOME Group of Volunteers and Donors. Thank You Skero’s Furniture for your $500 donation and thanks Dana & Dawn for yours as well.

I want to thank all the CMA members who gave up their Sunday to help us serve these TXARNG soldiers at Ellington Field Joint Air Base. Thank you for all your effort and prayers. Mucho Gracias!

I want to thank both SFC Laurel A. Ramos, Readiness NCO for B Co 1/149th ARB and MSG Keleigh Estes, BN Operations NCOIC for the 136th Expeditionary Signal Battalion. Your unit commanders should be very proud of the job you do, I know we are.

Thank you, John Hornsby for your support of Gold Star Dads over the last 2 years. Thank you, Michael White, you are an amazing volunteer. Thank you to all the Gold Stars who attended, it was a pleasure spending time with you all. Thank You, Blue Star Mom Beth Gillett for your assistance as well. I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

A very special thanks to CMA Highway Disciples President Troy Burleigh for the awesome photos. Troy is from the Katy, TX Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) group. Troy spent most of his time going back and forth from each event capturing those beautiful moments. I had to remind him to eat, the guy is non-stop. You can check out all 300+ pictures on his Facebook page.

  1. Troy Burleigh says:

    It was honor & a blessing to capture all these special moments. What an awesome day!!! Hope to be able to do it again soon. Thank you Michael for a great blog.
    God bless you,
    Troy Burleigh
    Chapter President
    CMA Highway Disciples
    Katy, Texas

    • Michael Klasno says:

      Pleasure was mine Troy, thanks for the pics. It was great being surrounded by so many awesome soldiers and prayer warriors, very Blessed day. lets do it again soon.

  2. Eric Story says:

    Everyone of the CMA Members enjoyed serving those who have and continue to serve us so admirably. This includes the family members that sacrifice as well.

    We look forward to spending more time with these great families.

    Thank you Michael for the opportunity to serve and minister.


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