The Gold Star Fathers Act of 2012 will be introduced  tomorrow, 22 March by Congressman Tim  Bishop, D-NY. This bill will establish much-needed equality in our nation’s treatment of the parents of disabled veterans or deceased veterans.

Under current law, unmarried mothers of certain disabled or deceased veterans, but not fathers, are granted “preference eligible” status when applying for civil service jobs in recognition of the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made in defense of this country. This status ensures that their sacrifice does not go unrecognized as they attempt to move on and support their families.

Expanding preference eligibility for federal jobs to both parents of certain permanently disabled or deceased veterans simply closes an unjust loophole in current law as the loss suffered by a veteran’s father is no less traumatic and deserves no less consideration than that of a veteran’s mother.

UPDATE; 3/30/2012 Bill number has been added H.R. 4312

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