The Gold Star Dads Secret Santa Project

Well, another year has come and gone and Gold Star Dads of America has been blessed by 100’s of volunteers and donors throughout the year so it was time to give back a little. By comparison to other years Secret Santa Project 2016 was small in its reach but equally powerful in the impact it made on deserving families.

Camp Hope PTSD FoundationOur Christmas party at Camp Hope was a great success and today we just had a few left over requests for bicycles for the youngest family members and Gold Star Dads just happened to know a source that provided just the right sizes, thank you Daron.

Secret Santa ProjectAva & Denise – Ava is 7 yr old and lives with her grandmother Denise. Ava’s mother was tragically murdered 3 years ago and in November 2016 her father, a two tour combat marine committed suicide leaving Ava and Denise alone and in dire need of assistance. The PTSD Foundation and Taps came to the rescue to help keep them sheltered and the bill collectors at bay. David asked for a little assistance with Christmas and Gold Star Dads was privileged to help with a Secret Santa project just for Ava and Denise.

All the information we had was that Ava loved Trolls, Shopkins and the color pink and that she was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Our Secret Santa project was build on that. While our Elves went about finding the requested Troll doll and shopping for toys and some new cloth for Ava, Santa set out to find a suitable bedroom set fit for a princess.

First stop, Skero’s Furniture in Kingwood, TX. Our friend Daron was quick to volunteer a most excellent, deep discount and just like that we were half way home. Next Mrs. Claus picked out appropriate bedding (pink of course) and a cute Troll doll pillow. Throw in a Christmas stocking and our job was complete.

Secret Santa ProjectSSG Shanita Campbell Family – SSG Campbell is a National Guard soldier in Pearland and works for the VA Hospital. She has three lovely kids, 3 yr old William, who loves football and 2 yr old twin girls Aviva and Brielle who were born with Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome a birth defects that require constant trips to the hospital and special diets.

SSG Campbell was one of our Thanksgiving Feast recipients and we thought she and the kids deserved a little more love. So, with that in mind we shopped for cloths and toys for the kids, including a bicycle for Tony. I picked out a few cute outfits for the girls and made sure William got a football and a #99 JJ Watt Texan’s Jersey (who else?) Mrs. Claus was in charge of Shanita’s Christmas Stocking which I am told contained the usual girly goodies and a few nice Gift cards to help with expenses around the house.

This was a light Christmas load for us this year, we hope to have more inside connections to make finding Secret Santa project candidates easier next year. Merry Christmas everyone!

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