The purpose of the Gold Star Installation Access Card is to facilitate easy access to all Army Installations for Gold Star Family members to receive services, attend events, view memorials, etc. The Gold Star Installation Access Card is for Family members who are eligible to receive the Gold Star Lapel Button or Gold Star Next of Kin Lapel Button and does not already have a Department of Defense (DoD) Identification Card (DD Form 1173).

Gold Star Family Access CardArmy Gold Star Family members who meet the above criteria may apply for the Gold Star Installation Access Card regardless of Army component of the deceased Service Member. The Army has made a commitment to honor their sacrifice, the service and memory of their loved ones, and include Survivors in the Army Family for as long as they desire.

The DA Form 1602, Gold Star Installation Access Card does not provide any additional benefits or entitlements not already authorized to that Gold Star Family member such as Post Exchange or Commissary privileges, cannot be used for the Trusted Traveler Programs which allows all DoD Identification Cardholders to vouch for occupants in their immediate vehicle, does not guarantee access to non-Army Installations, and does not guarantee access to an Army Installation if the garrison’s Force Protection Condition is elevated.

–> Here is a Link to the Application. Just fill it out and mail it to your SOS Rep. <–

For more information on how to obtain the Gold Star Installation Access Card, please contact your Survivor Outreach Services Support Coordinator. Members who do not know who their SOS Support Coordinator is may contact the Gold Star Dads Survivor Outreach Liaison, Jim Frazier.

  1. Maria L Conlon says:

    I’m don’t know who my Survivor Outreach Services Support Coordinator is or if I even have one. I’m trying to submit my application for Gold Star Installation Access Card. Any guidance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Maria L. Conlon

      • Steve Brunn says:

        Maria and Gold Star Dad,
        I am a SOS coordinator and I wanted to let you know that your SOS Coordinator list is a bit out of date. If you want to get a current list or would just like me to look up the SOS coordinators near by, please feel free to email me at or feel free to call me at 419-635-6175.

        Steve Brunn
        SOSC, Ohio

    • Sharon says:

      Maria just saw this post hope you received answer to your ? We are a GS family as well .the current coordinator for my district states coming out with a New survivor card which will be needed to use with Base access application .
      God Bless ,

  2. Joanne Tercha Allender says:

    I need to get a Form 1602 . I would like to apply for a Gold Star Installation card which I need in order to take my father’s grandchildren and great grandchildren to Shades of Green military resort in Disney world. My father, Staff Sgt Alexander Peter Tercha was killed on March 17, 1945 when I was 19 months old. He died when the Remagen bridge collapsed. He was a member of the 1058th PC and. Repair unit. My father is buried at Hamm, Luxembourg . Thank you very much. Joanne Tercha Allender

  3. Danette Wyatt says:

    What if our son was a Marine but his step brother is in the Army now. Can we still get this card?

  4. Stephanie says:

    How do I find out who I need to call to submit my application for a gold star family member card?

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