Last week Houston took the worst that Hurricane Harvey could muster and came out the other side a bit worn and a little tattered but still standing tall. Houston displayed what Texans proudly refer to as #TexasPride.

Patriot ReAct Team

Gold Star Dads and the Patriot ReAct Team were humbled every day by the sure determination of the citizens we met. Everyone pulling more than his or her weight. Flood victims, sucked it up and stood in defiance of the destruction, refusing to bend. Volunteers from every walk of life, most not affected by Harvey’s flood waters, gave everything they had and more to those who were.

People came from around the state and across America to pitch in when they were needed most, during the worst of the storm. Boats of every kind floated the streets of Houston looking for survivors. During our days in the field serving food to the community and those spent doing demo I must say it was #AmericaStrong that told the whole story.

Patriot ReAct Team Journal

Fri-Sat-Sun – Sept 1st – 3rd – GSD Patriot ReAct Cook Team was on the job in the Kings River community. The volunteer team served breakfast Friday and Breakfast & Lunch on Saturday then Hot Dogs & Burgers on Sunday afternoon. All total I estimate we served about 130 meals and our prayer warriors were able to spend fellowship time with many of the families and volunteers working in the area.

Kings River Community

NOTE: This same neighborhood was under 6′ of water on Wednesday morning. We were set up where you saw them on the News, launching the boats for rescue. Above are a few of our finest joining us for breakfast after a night shift keeping the looters out of the community.

We took Monday off to regroup, replenish supplies and rest.

Tuesday Sept 5thHappy Birthday Lynn Jardinico – We started our day at 0530 firing up the flattop grills in our driveway in Kingwood. Volunteer Bill Trapani and I cooked enough bacon, sausage, eggs and hash brown potatoes to make 120 Breakfast burritos while Lynn and Anne Trapani were busy inside setting up an assembly area to add cheese & pico and roll up these delicious treats.

(The sad thing is, we were so busy no one took a picture of the work in progress.) Too bad because it was a fun site seeing Lynn & Anne working that pile of stuff into what turned out to be some very tasty breakfast.

Kingwood College volunteers

By 0930 Anne, Nick and Kate and I were on the road in the New Caney, Porter, Forrest Grove area; including stops at Kingwood College where volunteers were staging to go to work in the community and at the Forrest Grove Fire Dept. which had been destroyed by Harvey’s flood water.

Salvation Army VanThe Salvation Army has trucks and two man teams in most of the areas effected everyday since the water reseeded. They make two trips serving lunch & dinner to those less fortunate.

Thursday/Friday September 7th and 9th – We spend most of our time just serving at the local shelters and churches. most of our volunteers have strong ties to local community.

Saturday September 9th – I patrolled the New Caney area looking for homeowners whom had not completed demo or needed some help to finish. We found Max Smith through our friends at the Salvation Army. You can read Max’s story here.

Sunday September 10th – GSD Patriot ReAct Team doing Demo in New Caney, Texas on Baptist Encampment Rd. This area was hit hard by Harvey and many of the residence lost almost everything.

Baptist Encampment Rd New Caney TX

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