The Gold Star Dads Patriot ReAct Team was in New Caney Texas this week. Since the flood waters reseeded we have been all over the Kingwood, Porter, New Caney area cooking and doing demo. Last week we meet residence in the more affluent areas of Kings River where home prices are in the $250k range and most residence had sufficient insurance to cover their loss.

Most of our outreach to “old guard” veterans has been in older areas of town with less means. Towns like Porter, Forrest Grove, New Caney to name a few. Harvey hit these areas very hard and many of the residence will likely never recover completely.

Meet Max Smith

I first met Max through LT Alvarado of the National Guard. max had been receiving meal deliveries from the Salvation Army and they had given Alvarado the heads up that Max was a bit of a hard case who didn’t want help with his house. After I made direct contact with Max it became evident that it wasn’t that he didn’t want help, he believed that other people needed more help than he. He also was embarrassed that the Salvation Army had sim-identified him to us as a “Veteran” which means nothing in the scheme of things. God has put him in my path and I will obey.

New Caney Texas - Baptist Encampment Rd

Problem is, Max has respiratory problems, recent back surgery has hindered his ability to do heavy lifting and bending so he lost his job and last year he had his Prostrate removed. So, needless to say his Demo was going a bit slowly and as we all know MOLD does not wait. So after some gentle coaxing I convinced him that one day of help was warranted and wasn’t going to break our bank.

New Caney Texas - Demo Day

Luckily Max sustained only minor damage and a quick four hours later we had the floors clear, exterior walls demoed to 2′ including the closet and everything sprayed with the first treatment of bleach. The salvation Army team stopped by at lunch so we had a chicken sandwich, chips, cookies and a cool water to dehydrate. Thank You Salvation Army you are always worthy of your name.

Black mold dryrot

During our time with Max he confided in me that just last year the organization that controls flood insurance in Texas told the residence of the area “because of recent improvements to the drainage system you are no longer required to carry flood insurance.” Flood insurance is a $1500 per year expense so eliminating that from his ledger helps. oops!

We had an opportunity to pray with Max and we were on our way. You can read the complete story of this week here.

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