Sponsor a Unit Mess Call – What we do is visit the National Guard Armory on the Sunday that the unit returns from there extended training deployment. We throw down an awesome BBQ lunch complete with burgers & dogs, baked beans, potato salad, loads of sweets, drinks and lots of laughs and love for the boys (and girls).

Sponsor Unit Mess CallYou don’t have to get fancy, Rolls, cold cuts, potato salad, fruit and sodas work just as well. The funny thing is, these guys are so hungry they would enjoy anything you brought. But sorry, nothing beats the smell of BBQ. You see, they get breakfast at 0630 before they start home but don’t get back to the armory until around 1400. THAT’S 7+ hours! These boys be hungry!

Unit Mess Call is a Blast!

HOUSTON BUSINESSES – We need sponsors for these events. What a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon, feeding a bunch of young men, like old times huh?

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Want to volunteer as a server at a Mess Call? Contact us for available Mess Call dates Come and join in the fun.