Volunteers of every type are needed to complete the Gold Star Dads Missions. Fathers, this is a great way to honor your Son or Daughters Legacy. Helping the rehabilitation efforts of a soldier in transition through Operation Noble Warrior™ or helping at any of our Veteran Assistance projects and fund raising events.

OK Dads, this one is a no brainer, this is a mission you can get ALL your friends, family and work colleagues behind. Remember, these are the same guys that had your Sons back, this is the mission your Daughter would insist you take if she were here. All this mission takes is a little bit of your time and maybe writing a small check ounce in a while.

Volunteer at Gold Star Dads

Operation Noble Warrior™ – Our Active Duty Military Appreciation project. Designed as an ongoing support mechanism to celebrate America’s combat veterans and their families. This fund is operated by Gold Star Dads of America and serves to “Lift Up” all of our Veterans through numerous projects such as; Thank You Socials at Fisher Houses, Welcome Home parties for Army & Marine Units, Family Appreciation Days on Military Bases and Christmas Parties at VA Hospitals. More information is available on the Military Outreach programs page.

Volunteer at Gold Star Dads

Patriots – Do you Have a passion to help the soldiers and their families? Here is your chance to do something constructive to show your support of our great military. Don’t sit on the sidelines wishing there was something you could do, Get up and Do it!

Do you Have a passion to help the soldiers and their families? Do you have a Heart for Prayer – It is our hope and prayer that God will continue to put His hedge of protection around the families of these fine Americans and continue to bless the Gold Star Dads of America organization and guide us in the direction He wants our mission to go. Help us petition God daily for his continued Blessings & Grace for our mission. Join our Prayer Team!

Please us the form below to volunteer. If we can answer any of your questions or concerns just ask. You can contact us via telephone at 951-833-2935 or via email at media@goldstardads.org.
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